“This is why / Why we fight”

“This is why / Why we fight”
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There’s this really famous image. I’m sure you’ve seen it before. It’s of a Czech woman giving what must have been a heart-rending Nazi salute, her face contorted in tears, a rag clutched to her cheek. I’ve always been really affected by this image. What she must have been feeling, how horrible it must have been to see something she couldn’t control barreling down on her and her family, encroaching on her home.
To all those who are asking me to support a Trump presidency, to just “give him a chance,” as if literally nothing is at stake and everyone who dissents is just being a meanie head… This from the same progressives who have been blocked by Republicans for the last eight years, no less… I just can’t help but think of that woman. I’ve been trying *really* hard not to be an alarmist, and many of you may think it’s shitty and hyperbolic of me to compare Trump/Pence to the Third Reich (and for my friends whose ancestors are Holocaust survivors in particular, please check me if I’m going too far). But i do know Trump has outlined in his hundred day plan that he WILL be building a wall to ostensibly keep out Mexicans, and he WILL be enacting “extreme vetting” before he allows refugees to enter the country, and he WILL be encouraging police to become more ruthless and authoritarian on crime (which we all know is code for further squeezing the stranglehold on Black and Latinx communities).
I won’t salute. I’m not doing it. He’s #NotMyPresident and never will be. Not when trans support and suicide prevention hotlines are blowing up. (Which I’ve linked to below, in case you need support!*) Not when Black and brown people I know are already being violently targeted by his devotees in the streets for simply going about their day. Not when my cis women, trans, and disabled friends and loved ones are scrambling to figure out how they can care for themselves once the Affordable Care Act is scrapped. I’m not giving this horseshit a chance. I will do whatever is in my power to oppose this in every way I can.
The Electoral College has failed us, and enormously so. Clinton won the popular vote nationwide, yet the Electoral College has, in an impressive show of abuse of power, gone against the will of the American public and declared Trump the winner. They have until December 19th to change their minds, which, while unlikely, is still possible. I plan on spending my time up until December 19th to try to persuade them to change their minds. Again, it’s not likely they will, but it is possible. Even if they don’t, I can’t sit idly by. I will try to persuade them in the meantime, and if this effort is not successful, I will do what I can afterward to fight the fear-fueled actions of the Trump presidency. We all need to do what we can for each other going forward.
If you want to find your Electors in your state and urge them to change their minds, you can do so with a little leg work. You can also sign this petition to let the Electors know you don’t agree with their support of Trump. Participate in local actions. Work with your neighbors. Meet together in your living rooms, churches, and community centers to engage in letter writing campaigns.
Check out this great post on putting pressure on the Electoral College and take action:
“SPREAD THE WORD. Trend #NotMyPresident to let people know that we do not accept being led by a man who does not care about our wellbeing. Email your professors, email the dean of your colleges. The last thing a university wants is negative press. Millenials can take a stand, but that doesn’t mean we have to be the only ones. Church-led events helped bring a lot of disillusioned voters to the polls. Spread the word in any way possible, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or even in person. Stage a peaceful protest. Hand out flyers. Let the people around you know that you don’t accept this man as your leader when he won’t even accept you as a citizen with your designated rights.”
And finally, seek support and comfort from your friends and loved ones. We will need to engage in self care and collective care as we perhaps never had before. The coming years may be arduous, but I believe that we will win.
My love to you all. ❤

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